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Professional Athlete, Coach, Competitor, Adventurer, Artist.

Downunder Dynamics is a skydive team that aims to educate, inform and inspire anything to do with human flight, human performance and all things in the land downunder.

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We achieve this goal through online coaching, hosting indoor and outdoor coaching events as well as providing media content, seminars, R&D and advice for sponsors and industry entities.



  • A video debrief of your uploaded skydive or tunnel session.

  • A detailed list of the mistakes made and improvements for them.

  • Detailed exercises and progression plan to improve mistakes and struggles. 

  • Common mistakes you may encounter in the future and how to overcome them. 

  • Various additional remarks and links to other content for improvement in the comment section.

How to Submit:


                    Skydiving                                                                                          Indoor Skydiving 

           1x video debrief $60 AU                                                                      1x 15min Debrief $65 AU

          3x Video debrief $150 AU                                                                    1x 30min debrief $110 AU      

          5x Video Debrief $240 AU                                                                      1x 1h Debrief $200 AU

  • Outdoor skydiving rates are calculated on a per jump basis.

  • Indoor skydiving rates are calculated on the time spent flying, ie 15 min flying in 30min session, charged for the 15min debrief. Multiple sessions can be used to make up the 1h, 4x15min sessions = 1h Debrief.

If you have any further questions or comments after the debrief has been completed, you are able to make them in the comments section below the video and we will endeavour to answer them as quickly as we can at no further cost. 


Byron Bay 5 day Camps

DD Byron Bay Camp17 copy.jpg

Join us for the Downunder Dynamics Byron Skills Camp, a specialized 5-day training tailored specifically for progression. With our extensive years of experience conducting camps, we've found that the 1 coach to 1 group method is unequivocally the most effective for both individual student advancement and the group's collective growth. This comprehensive approach guarantees personalized guidance, ensuring maximum participant progression. The registration fee ranges from $400 to $500, with full attendance over the five days being mandatory.


Upon receiving your application, we'll assess if your skill level fits the group. You'll then be notified of your acceptance or placement on the waiting list. In case of high demand, we might bring in an additional coach, Amy Jamieson, but both groups will always coordinate to maintain consistent learning. We appreciate your patience, as our review process can take a few days.

tunnel camps 2024 copy.jpg

Mason Sydney Tunnel Camps

Jan              8th-12th 

Feb              5th-9th

Mar              4th-8th

Apr              15th-19th

May             13th-17th

June            3rd-7th

July             1st-5t