We achieve this goal by Hosting Skydive Events, Indoor skydive coaching camps

Providing Media content, R&D with Sponsors, seminars and private Skydive and indoor skydive Coaching.

The Team consists of 2, Mason Corby and Keith Grealy. Mason Created Downunder Dynamics as a stand alone Skydive event after moving back from a stint as a tunnel Instructor and freelance Coach in Europe. Upon the success of the event he asked Keith a long time friend and old team mate form Southern Fly to join him to host Various camps in both the wind tunnel and sky. With the successful pairing of the two they traveled the globe hosting Indoor skydive events, Coaching at various skydive festivals and camps as well as brief stints in various competitions medaling multiple times. 

Over the years tho Downunder has shifted and changed from being just a coaching team to working closely along side Various sponsors to help develop their brands and products as well as with The Australian Parachute federation to help grow and enhance the sport through various rule amendments,  educational documents and coach development programs. 

After a great successful couple of years hosting events, Keith is stepping down to taking on a more part time role focusing on other areas in life. Mason will now be Shifting the focus of the brand to take a more online presents providing education and media content for Coaching, Self improvement, the Land downunder and various adventures while still hosting out door and indoor Skydiving events around the continent. 

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