Downunder Dynamics is a skydive and tunnel coaching team with the goal to share knowledge and push the sport forward in various disciplines and aspects within skydiving promoting safety, retention, growth and professionalism. The team has over 24 years combined experience with having won various medals and a number of achievements in a multitude of aspects in skydiving, tunnel and Base jumping. 


The team is made up from long time friends Mason Corby and Keith Grealy. They first met while working in Bottrop, Germany as instructors and competing in a 4 way Dynamic team called Southern Fly. In 2015 Mason left Bottrop to work as an instructor at Flyspot in Poland. After a couple of months he returned home to host the first Downunder Dynamics event in October 2015.


The goal was to hold an event which was a staged progression for the entire weeks jumping, working up to a mutual end goal. The camp was also all Australian coached to showcase the level that Australia has reached nationally and overseas.The coaches were Mason Corby, Keith Grealy, Ty Baird and Matt Boag, with Dave Hyndman, Danny Helmy and Joe Grealy on camera. The event was a great success with some insane visuals and jumps. 


After the event Mason and Keith teamed up to run coaching events country wide for the APF under the DD banner. The goal was to teach the experienced Freeflyers how to coach and start their own events to spread the knowledge down the line. 10 events were held country wide. From that various smaller coaching camps are now being conducted regularly, with the majority of coaches on the DD#3 event having been participants on these camps. 


The other side of Downunder Dynamics is the indoor side. After the DD1 camp Keith and Mason not only teamed up on the Skydiving events, but to also hold various tunnel camps worldwide too. The main tunnels they travel and work in are in St Petersburg Russia, Flyspot Poland, Ifly Downunder Sydney Australia, Ifly Perth Australia and Flystation Japan. These camps are held regularly throughout the year. 






The Future for the team will be to continue to grow and push the sport of free flying within Australia and coach at events gaining and spreading knowledge throughout the world. Downunder Dynamics events will be held twice a year-1 beginner camp and 1 advanced camp. 


The more people that are flying the more people we have to fly with.