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Downunder Dynamics is a skydive team that aims to Educate, inform and inspire anything to do with Human Flight, human performance and all things in the land downunder.



Downunder Dynamics offers various Educational Tunnel and Skydive camps/events. With over 25 years of combined experience from mentoring individuals in high-stress situations, you can't go wrong learning from these guys. Teaching spacial awareness, theory of aerodynamics, body mechanics, goal setting as well as mind and body prep. This information used not only for skydiving but translate to your everyday life. Downunder Dynamics brings a professional attitude towards their craft and aims to give their students the best progression possible.

Camps and Events
Toogs 2 Ways
Fri, Nov 06
Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah
Nov 06, 8:00 AM – Nov 08, 6:00 PM
Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah, 7353 Brisbane Valley Highway, Toogoolawah QLD 4313, Australia
This is a 2 way Freefly progression event. -All Levels -Choose your Style, Head up, Head down, tracking and angles -Work towards your freefly crest or fast track your skills as a 2 way pair -Learn to structure and adjust your dives for the best possible progression
DOWNUNDER Vertical Camp
Fri, Nov 13
Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah
Nov 13, 7:30 AM – Nov 15, 5:50 PM
Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah, 7353 Brisbane Valley Highway, Toogoolawah QLD 4313, Australia
Learn to fly in bigger vertical groups, Single to multi point Skydives. Must have full freefly Crest
Train the trainer
Fri, Nov 20
Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah
Nov 20, 7:20 AM – Nov 22, 5:40 PM
Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah, 7353 Brisbane Valley Highway, Toogoolawah QLD 4313, Australia
Learn what it takes and how to become a coach or learn to enhance your leading skills with Downunder Dynamics.
Tracking/Angle camp
Fri, Nov 27
Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah
Nov 27, 7:40 AM – Nov 29, 6:40 AM
Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah, 7353 Brisbane Valley Highway, Toogoolawah QLD 4313, Australia
Come and learn how to move through out the sky, Wether you are an intermediate flyer or just starting out.
Mon, Dec 07
Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah
Dec 07, 7:00 PM – Dec 12, 6:00 PM
Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah, 7353 Brisbane Valley Highway, Toogoolawah QLD 4313, Australia
A head up only event focusing on advanced group flying. No Head down all week otherwise fined a CARTON!!!


There would be no DD without them



Downunder Dynamics has been hands-on with Helping the Apf with Coaching events/camps, Regulation amendments and the sports development since first coming to fruition in Australia. The Apf has been such a massive support for us and we can't thank them enough for the continued involvement.

The governing body of the Australian Parachute community continually supports the development of sports skydiving and looking for new ways to grow the sport and make it safer. Compared to many other Parachute federations they are pushing the sport forward in leaps and bounds.


Deem has been our longest continuous Sponsor. We just love the professionalism and innovative nature of this company to just continue pushing the boundaries of what we see as normal skydive clothing and suits. Deem has already made leaps and bounds at changing the skydiving industry for the better. We look forward to many more years working alongside them to help test and design suits.


A true blue Aussie legend company wanting to support the growth and development of the sport in Australia. Always happy to help and give support when needed. If it weren't for these guys the DD# Events would not Happen. If you are looking for work or are an employer looking for staff, give them a shout and they will help you out.


Innovative and passionate about giving the most advanced Altimeter of our time. Downunder Dynamics has been involved with Dekunu since the idea first came to be. It is the perfect Alti for industry workers, with in-time data about jump run displayed on your wrist it allows you to make those tough decisions faster and more accurately.

Other features, see all data about the jump,3D visualisation,  Log book and more at Although there have already been so many advancements this company is still in its infancy so we are excited to watch and be part of their growth.


Having been a long time friend and student of Mee Loft making the decision to go with them to look after our rigs was an easy one. Always getting professional advice, explanations and top maintenance on the gear. Mee Loft Focuses highly on its Sport skydivers and also Runs Monthly maintenance Mondays, Pop in for some Pizza Beers and Gain some knowledge on all things to do with Parachutes.


The most comfortable Containers we have worn. Absolutely love these containers and couldn't be happier with them. We were pleasantly surprised at the fit and feel of them while in the sky, plane and ground. It felt like while flying we had no rig on at all and while in the plane there was nothing digging in your back, just comfort. We couldn't be happier and are so stoked to be working along side such a great company and look forward to continue representing them in the future


These guys lead the way on party night as well as Canopy (Parachute) design and manufacturing. Nz Areosports have designed some of the most advanced canopies to date and continue to inovate and push the boundires of the sport. The Leia is our choice of canopy and we couldn't be happier. Flying one of there canopies just makes you want to party!!


Decking us out in all our threads is LVN clothing. There Stylish clothing is built for an active lifestyle and built with functionality in mind, using breathable bamboo fabric that's comfortable for any environment from a formal occasion to Hiking through the bush or jumping out of a plane. In any environment, you will be ready to go. Great partners, Great clothes.



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