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Downunder Dynamics is a skydive team that aims to educate, inform and inspire anything to do with human flight, human performance and all things in the land downunder.


Who and What

We achieve this goal by hosting skydive events, indoor skydive coaching camps and private outdoor and indoor skydive coaching sessions as well as providing media content, R&D with sponsors and seminars.


The team consists of 2, Mason Corby and Keith Grealy. 

Mason initially created Downunder Dynamics as a one-off skydive event after moving back to Australia following a stint as a tunnel Instructor and freelance coach in Europe. After the massive success of the event, Keith, a long time friend and old teammate from Team Southern Fly joined Mason and the duo began hosting a variety of camps in both the wind tunnel and sky throughout Australia. As Downunder Dynamics success grew, so did their presence overseas with the pair travelling the globe and coaching at a number of skydive festivals and camps as well as brief stints in various competitions medaling multiple times. 


Downunder Dynamics primary focus has and will always be to provide quality coaching opportunities, education and support to Skydivers across the world. To maintain this focus and as the industry changes throughout time, the DD team continues to adapt with it, offering not only event and one-on-one coaching but also working closely with carefully selected sponsors to help develop brands and products as well as the Australian Parachute Federation to help grow and enhance the sport by offering insight and advice for rule amendments, educational documents and coaching development programs. 


After a hugely successful couple of years hosting events, Keith has decided to take a small step back, taking on more of a part-time role so that he can focus on other areas of life while Mason is working on reformatting the DD program to have more of an online presence bringing education, media content for coaching, self improvement, the Land Downunder and various adventures to the fingertips of flyers regardless of location while continuing to host outdoor and indoor skydiving events around the continent. 



  • A video debrief of your uploaded skydive or tunnel session.

  • A detailed list of the mistakes made and improvements for them.

  • Detailed exercises and progression plan to improve mistakes and struggles. 

  • Common mistakes you may encounter in the future and how to overcome them. 

  • Various additional remarks and links to other content for improvement in the comment section.

How to Submit:


                    Skydiving                                                                                          Indoor Skydiving 

           1x video debrief $40 AU                                                                      1x 15min Debrief $65 AU

          3x Video debrief $100 AU                                                                    1x 30min debrief $110 AU      

          5x Video Debrief $190 AU                                                                      1x 1h Debrief $200 AU

  • Outdoor skydiving rates are calculated on a per jump basis.

  • Indoor skydiving rates are calculated on the time spent flying, ie 15 min flying in 30min session, charged for the 15min debrief. Multiple sessions can be used to make up the 1h, 4x15min sessions = 1h Debrief.

If you have any further questions or comments after the debrief has been completed, you are able to make them in the comments section below the video and we will endeavour to answer them as quickly as we can at no further cost. 

Camps and Events

  • Downunder Dynamics #10
    Mon, 07 Mar
    Skydive Nagambie
    07 Mar 2022, 7:00 am – 12 Mar 2022, 6:00 pm
    Skydive Nagambie, 12 Olivers Rd, Bailieston VIC 3608, Australia
    Downunder Dynamics is back and better than ever, Getting back to the basics and hosting only intermediate to advanced flyers. Participants must be fully competent flying in groups of up to 8. Angles, Dynamic and Static. The goal is to start small and progressively advance as the week goes on.

Please apply below to attend DD #10, once approved you will be able to register for the event


PLEASE do not pace any orders yet, Delivery times/logistics and samples are currently being processed and tested for the best customer service and experience. 

Further information will be listed HERE once all details are finalised.