Tunnel Boogie

Tunnel Boogie is an event that caters more towards group flying and progression. the aim of the event is to allow people to learn group flying with a coach so that the skills can transfer quickly to be used in individual and shared sessions. the goal is to be able to increase the general skill level of shared flying. 

 When applying each participant will be questioned on their skill level and prefered discipline they want to focus on. Each participant will be broken into a group of similar skill level. Lower level groups will consist of a 2:1 or 3:1 student to coach ratio. The more experienced groups will consist of a 2:1, 3:1 or 5:1 student to coach ratio.


Come with your own pre-organised group or attend alone and you will be put into a group at your skill level. 

Each day the groups will rotate through a new coach. You will be allowed the option to choose 2 types of disciples to focus on throughout the 4 days. (Please write in a comment your 1st preference as we cannot guarantee the 2nd). 

Each group will fly a total of 1 hour each day. 2x 15 min

blocks, a 2 h break and then another 2x 15min blocks. The

2x blocks will each have a 30min break in between them.

Each individual will fly a minimum of 4h over the entire camp.

Note: Limited slots will be available due to group sizes. Some

disciplines will fill up faster than others. Then some you may

have to wait for confirmation of when the rest of the group is 


Groups will consist of:

-beginner head up, 3:1 ratio

-beginner Dynamic, 2:1 ratio

-beginner VFS, 3:1 ratio

-inter VFS, 3:1 ratio

-Inter Dynamic, 2:1 ratio or 3:1 ratio

-inter sequential (possible) 5:1 ratio or 7:1 ratio

-advanced VFS, 3:1 ratio

-Advanced Dynamic, 2:1 ratio or 3:1 ratio or 5:1 ratio

-Advanced sequential (possible) 5:1 ratio or 7:1 ratio

Rego and event cost is the same for all participants, regardless of the student to coach ratio. Please choose only 2 preferences, A primary and a secondary.

Rego is $420, Non-refundable 


-Mason Corby

-Keith Grealy

-Dane Baird

-Kyle Chick

-Tayne Farrant

-Jimmy Cooper


Accommodation is available at the quest hotel, Penrith panthers Mecure or local Airbnb's.



Mecure hotel: