Mason Corby 

Mason started skydiving in 2007 at Gatton Skydivers in Queensland, Australia. This was one of the smaller, more old school type of DZ's. Among the early years, Mason enjoyed doing random jumps and having fun just jumping out of planes with his mates with the goal of BASE Jumping in mind. 
On return from a tour in Iraq with the Australian Army, Mason fell in love with freeflying. Now out to explore the world, he came across one of the larger Drop Zones (DZ's) in Australia, Toogoolawah (Ramblers DZ) and still calls this home today. Being keen and young he started to travel the country attending any and every Boogie he could, just loving the skydiving life. 
In 2008 he moved location down to the Army Parachute Training School in Nowra, NSW and took up BASE Jumping as a hobby on the weekend investing more time into this. During this time he developed his skills and began to travel the country doing this. 
2010 came around and it was time for another change. Mason discharged from the army to pursue a career in skydivng. His first stop was at Ballina  "Go Skydive' run by Roger Mulkey and Joe Stien. It was here that he landed his first sponsor from the skydive shop. Due to lack of work because of a bad weather season, Mason moved to Gold Coast Skydive as a tandem master. Around this time he started to branch out overseas. His first trip helping teach new BASE students at the Prine Bridge in the USA and then moving on to travel and attend various Boogies overseas.
Upon returning, Mason and his grilfriend moved down to Sydney Skydivers to pursue his dream of being a professional Load Organiser (LO). Ty Baird and Mason teamed back up to re-start Genetix coaching school. Mason along with Ty ran various camps out of Sydney Skydivers and together built the foundation of the coaching skills they have today. 
As time moved on he was ready for a move once again. This time traveling to Norway and Sweden. Following an unsuccesfull stint in Sweden with tandems but succesful in his first experience in overseas Load Organising, Mason was able to score a job in the Voss Wind Tunnel as an instructor. Short lived due to visa issues he moved back to Australia for a month or two and reapplied to move to Indoor Skydiving Bottrop (Germany). Amongst his arrival he was accepted into the team Southernfly along with fellow Australian's Keith Grealy, Joe Grealy nad Mark Meadowcroft. The team went on to place 3rd in the Voss Valhalla and Knights of Prague, then placing 1st at the Extream Games Barcelona with new Team mate Antonio Arias. Other than competing with his team, he organised at many events and Boogies throughout Europe. 
Bottrop was a special place for Mason and many more as it was a place to share, train and develop knowledge about flying and the sport itself. 
After leaving Bottrop at the end of 2014, Mason moved once again to team up with Ty Baird and aid him in managing the Flyspot  tunnel in Poland. Another great place to train and a perfect layout for Sport Flying. This allowed Mason to progress with more freedom and experiment with different ideas once again, also traveling back to the United States to organise various events.
During his spare time in Poland, he was able to take some time out and orgainse his first large scale event with the help of some friends, Downunder Dynamics. 
September 2015, Mason moved back to Australia to hold Downunder Dynamics and bring back the knowledge he has learnt from overseas. Mason's goal is to now spread the information he has gained throughout OZ and to develop and push the sport even further through multiple Skydiving and Indoor Skydiving events. Australia is in an awesome position for the next few years with as many as five new Wind Tunnels opening. 
Mason would like to thank all those who have supported and helped him along the way to achieve his goals and dreams. Without them it would be impossible. 
Filip Crnjakovic, Indoor Skydive Bottrop, The SouthernFly boys, Havard Flaat, Flyspot, Ty Baird, Steffi Liller, Boris Nebe, Rebecca Moris and many, many more....