Ifly perth 20th-24th Jan

Ifly Perth is located in the capital city of Perth western Australia. The Tunnel

is a 14ft  Ifly re-circulating wind tunnel design. The Facility has plenty of

power for static flying and is nice and smooth for dynamic flying.

Your current skill level depends on where we start with your training. Generally

if it’s your first time with us, the1st 15min are usually the student and coach

getting to learn how they both interact. Once a base level has been found, then

the progression starts from there. You will fly 15 min in each session. Within the

session you will be rotating with 1 other flyer. The rotation blocks within the

sessions will be anywhere from 2:30 min - 5min blocks, depending on skill level

and the discipline you are flying. (static/Dynamic)

- All levels are welcome on this camp, beginner through to experienced. 

- Times are all in the afternoon/evening. 

- 15min blocks rotating with 1 other.

- Minimum 30 min booked per camp. 

- $1,360 per hour coached. $250 for coaching and $1,110 to the tunnel i.e. 30min = $125 for coaching  and 555 to the tunnel

- Please arrive 20 min before your session start time.

A non refundable deposit of $125 must be made to secure the time. The total amount payable to the tunnel must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the event. e.g. if you are only doing 30 min of flying on the camp = $555 paid to the tunnel 2 weeks prior. 

NOTE: If you have your personal iFly Account Please inform us if you are asking them to deduct your time form your account. IFly will contact you to verify the amount has been deducted and notify us. All flight time must be paid in full, whether via direct deposit or via your own personal IFly Account, no later than 2 weeks prior to the camp commencement date. Deposits are non refundable for cancellations made within 14 days of the camp start date.

If you wish to book or check the availability of time please click on the link and fill out the form.  Once we have received it we will contact you with availability of times and payment details. Please be patient with the reply. 

book and pay


Ifly Downunder does not have any accommodation onsite/attached or with the possibility to be booked through the tunnel. Bellow are some available options to choose from if you are traveling from interstate. 

Air bnb:

Your own apartment in Penrith or close by 

Ranging from $50 -$150 a night


Booking.com has various listings within Penrith,

close to the tunnel and the centre of town. 

Rangin from $120-$150 a night

Transport and location

Ifly Downunder is Located in the western suburbs of Sydney. If you are traveling form inters tae there are numerous modes of transport to reach the tunnel. Regular trains leave from sydney airport as well as the possibility to hire a car. Some option s for transport are bellow. 

Hire cars

Hire a car and drive from the airport. Its a

1-2 hour drive dependent on traffic. 

Starting from $60 a day


Uber is a great way from the airport and to get around town if you are in Penrith. Click the link bellow to download the app.