Tunnel camps are a great way to push your progression forward. On our camps you will get in-depth knowledge from 1 on 1 coaching. From beginner through to advanced we have you covered. We teach all levels and all disciplines.


With our camps you can book anywhere from 30 min to 10 hours of flying time. Regularly we  have seen the best progression time for our camps is 4 hours and up. But if you are just wanting to touch up some moves and fine tune some positions, we can help you with that as well.


Choose from a wide range of world locations and tunnel manufacturers - from St Petersburg Russia to our very own back yard in Sydney.

Let’s put those tunnel skills into the sky.


In these camps you will be broken up into groups and give a coach for the day. If its a smaller camp with just Keith or Mason or a larger camp with multiple coaches these events are a great way to focus your training and progress in a safe environment in the sky. 


Choose from a wide range of camps hosted by Downunder Dynamics or come along to an event/boogie with us that we are attending. Downunder Dynamics offers 2 larger camps through out the year. 1 experienced and 1 beginner-intermediate.


Alongside this we hold our own smaller camps and coach at various boogies and events worldwide. Downunder Dynamics is available upon request to coach at events and boogies.