Skydive Nagambie 23rd-28th

This is a skill camp for ALL levels, Beginner through to experienced. You will be broken into groups according to your levels. 4-6 people per group. Larger groups can be made later during the week. NO freefly crest required. Coach on-site for 1 on 1’s and crest jumps (dependent on availability, Head Up crest highly recommended).

This event will focus more on the beginner-intermediate free flyers. Putting people in smaller groups will allow them to hone their skills in a safer environment and focus more on team building and disciplined jumping. The event will offer people to complete their freefly crests who have not gotten them as well as giving the more experienced flyers a chance to lead some jumps being tutored by the coaches them selfs, similar to the 10 Downunder dynamics events ran in 2016.

This year we are also giving it a slightly more boogie vibe with Irish the MC attending for some night time fun and activities. so Be sure to stick around after jumping as the fun won't be over yet. 

Skydive Nagambie drop zone has some of the best facilities country wide. It has accommodation on the drop zone(Caravans/atco’s) a massive landing area with lanes for the Swoopers, Big fire pit, Bar, Canteen, Multiple large packing area's, Plenty of tv’s to debrief on and of course a fooze table. 

One of the reasons the camps have been a great success was due to the fact everyone stays on sight for the whole camp. Because of this dinner is cooked every night by the kitchen and we highly recommend that you stick around as the vibe from everyone has been awesome in the past. This will allow us to conduct the night activities easily as well. (seminars, Prize giveaways, Mini competitions and a 10 min day tape each night) The bar will be open during all.

Rego: $440

Coaches so far:






Dave Hyndman


Ben cutler




More TBA




Tommy Seria - Cam

Kia Bullock - Stills


-Camping DZ

-Jump Tickets $380 for a pack of 10

-Rego $440 Nonrefundable. giveaways, Merch.


Please be honest with your skill level when registering. Overestimating your skills on the rego form may cause you to be removed from the camp without a refund, this is due to safety issues and allowing the best progression for everyone on the camp. 

- Head up crest Extremely recommended. If you do not have it but wish to attend still, please contact us and we can help you find a coach in your local area to get the crest finished off. 

- Star crest Required Highly recommended. 

- Minimum C license  

- AADs activated are Mandatory.

- Freefly friendly Gear (Tight BOC, Good riser covers, and pin flaps)




Job Connect
Mee Loft


Rego: $440

Rego is $440 for the week with a nonrefundable fee of $100.

If you cancel within 2 weeks out you will lose the whole rego of $440. 


1. Press the register button and submit your information via the form.

2. Link to payment is on the form.


*PLEASE do not share the payment link as all participants must submit their info first. 

*Be patient, sometimes we do not have immediate access to email to send you the link,

and sometimes we have to check with other coaches about the participant's skill level first.

*Submitting the form does NOT save your slot in the camp. Only REGO

PAYMENT secures your spot!


Slots are limited so sign-up as soon as possible!