foot fetish #3

Date:  March 30th-4th April

Downunder Dynamics Feet down is a 6-day event. The goal is to learn flathead up and really get the drive going in groups. When Vertical getting the basics of the larger group flying down and starting on some sequentials, if all lines up at the end we will mixing it up with a bit of everything. We want to push the sport of head-up flying to new levels. Learn to fly in groups and push yourself individually. 

DZ: Skydive Nagambie

- 6 day camp.

- Only 5-7 participants per group.

- Groups will stay the same throughout,

unless changes are needed.

- Coaches will rotate every 2nd day. The 2nd day

with the coach just lets you clarify things a

little more. 

- 5-7 jumps per day 


Please be honest with your skill level when registering. Overestimating your skills on the rego form may cause you to be removed from the camp without a refund, this is due to safety issues and allowing the best progression for everyone on the camp. 

- MUST be able to safely fly in groups of 6-8

- Minimum, must be able to fly HU angles safely inside your designated quadrant on either your back or belly.

- 500 jumps minimum or have a recommendation from an angle coach.

- AADs activated are Mandatory.

- Freefly friendly Gear (Tight BOC)

- Freefly and star crest Required



Mason Corby

Oliver Fong




Accommodation Skydive Nagambie DZ: (07) 5423 1159



Rego: $370

Rego is $370 for the week with a non-refundable fee of $100. If you cancel within 2 weeks out you will lose the whole rego of $370. 

This camp is a progression camp. It is not a party camp. All Participants are required to be on the loads in the morning. Not turning up on time because you are hungover will cause you to lose a ticket per load you miss. If you are hungover we will not force you to jump but you will still lose your ticket. This is an event for PROGRESSION, there will be a party the last night. Let's make that the good one. 



1. Press the register button and submit your information via the form.

2. After our review, we will send you the link to pay.


*PLEASE do not share the payment link as all participants must submit their info first. 

*Be patient, sometimes we do not have immediate access to email to send you the link, and sometimes we have to check with other

coaches about the participant's skill level first.

*Submitting the form does NOT save your slot in the camp. Only REGO

PAYMENT secures your spot!


Slots are limited so sign-up as soon as possible!