To Book Coaching

 To book coaching please check the availability of the camp, click on more info to check the finer details and

proceed to the bookings form at the lower part of the page. 

A minimum of 30 minutes per camp must be booked, the sessions are

broken into 2x15 minutes blocks of flying time. You will rotate with one other, during this time

and you will have gaps in between your 15 min sessions. 

The booking fee is $150 Aus (non refundable) 

Payments details will be given upon receiving confirmation of available times

Different Indoor skydiving Facilities have different processes for payments,

Please check the payment method for your intended camp when booking

Time available

Time available

Flyspot Katowice, Poland

June 29th - July 10th

Flyspot Katowice is smack bang in the centre of the beautiful polish city. Free accommodation onsite as well as a bar, restaurant and super market across the road. If you are planing on some serious time and progression this tunnel is for you. Operating 24 hours you will never be short of time here or things to do. There are many diferent packages fro people from diferent locations all around the world. Please check the next page for pricing and details. 

To reserve your slot a deposit in coaching fee must be made. All remanding time must be paid 1 week out

Ifly Downunder Sydney Australia 

2nd-6th Dec

Heading down for another camp in Sydney. The beautiful 16ft gives you plenty of room to make and correct mistakes. A nice powerful tunnel for all the static you need as well as nice smooth air for this dynamic flyers. The first tunnel in Australia always a good one to visit. 

Cost: $1200 per hour coached


NOTE: If you have your own cheep package deal it is $300 coaching on top.